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    Officer Devin Valentijn

    Devin Valentijn
    Devin Valentijn

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    Officer Devin Valentijn

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    Devin is a young man with a nervous smile. He's new to Biloxi, and he speaks with the clipped accents of the North. Devin feels very out of place. He covers for it by obsessing over his job. Prone to bouts of depression, Devin anxiously tries to fit in as best he can.


    Transfer file: Officer Devin Valentijn

    DOB: 05/01/86
    Ht/Wt: 5'9"/170lb.
    Eyes/Hair: Blue/Light Brown.

    Transfer Site: Red Hook PD, New York.
    Service: 6 months Patrol, 1yrs Bomb Squad, 3yrs SWAT.
    Awards: Winner of field accuracy competition ('09).
    Disciplinary Marks: None. See psychological evaluation.

    Reason for Transfer: Captain's Recommendation.
    Evaluation: (Capt. Morgan) Until recently Officer Valentijn was one of my best officers. The incidents of this summer have made it clear, however, that Devin is no longer capable of performing his duties here. Devin is a fine policeman. He will make an excellent addition to your team. I hope the change of scene will enable him to get some distance.

    Devin is played by Edwin Pell.

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