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    Officer Qi Wukong

    Post  Qi Wukong on Mon Jan 03, 2011 8:37 pm

    Given Name: Qi Wukong
    Born: August 8, 1988

    Physical Description:
    Qi stands at 5’ 11” and weighs 170 pounds. His skin is tan, but his clothing always covers everything but his hands and face. His eyes are a dark green. His hair is black and tied into a topknot, when down it stretches just below his shoulder. He is skinny, having almost no body fat and though his muscles are very well developed, he appears to have almost no bulk.

    He has two identical sets of street clothes that consist of a pair of running shoes, dark brown khaki pants, a forest green t-shirt and a black hoodie.

    On the Job:
    Qi is a young beat cop who loves it when his turn comes up on the bicycle rotation. Qi is a soft-spoken and polite person under most circumstances. He continues to utilize the firing range each week, but has shown mediocre improvement at best. It is no secret that he passed his sidearm test with barely acceptable scores.

    Problems are best solved without guns and violence whenever possible. If mere talking doesn't work it is better to dissuade an armed/dangerous subject causing as little damage as possible. Qi is a specialist at "Soft Hand" tactics (Tales from the 13th Precinct page 65). However, the safety of civilians and fellow officers trumps non-violence for criminals with no desire to comply when prompted.

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