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    Post  admin of doom +3 on Sun Dec 12, 2010 8:48 pm

    Officer involved shooting

    394 Croesus

    12-9-10 5:30 (approx.)

    Officer John Samuels, Officer Dante Jones, Detective Lillian Ayer

    On 9 December 2010 at approximately 1730 hours, officer Samuels responded to a 10-38 (shots fired) at a residence located at 394 Croesus. The house was not far from Back Bay Park and well with in the area that hadn't seen any violence in over a week. A man was found shot to death. Detective Ayer arrived and recognized the body as Detective Enrique Palomers, a detective that had previously been one of the few officers making arrests in that area, and the only that had been able to bring in members of El Ema (the Mexican Mafia).

    Officer Dante Jones joined them in pursuit of any leads that might lead them to who shot Detective Palomers. After finding the the murder weapon and a gun, that was later determined to be the one used by Detective Palomers in the shoot out, the officers encounter a member or members of a gang that were in the area. A shot out occurred, but the gang escaped and is believed to still be at large.

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