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    When Justice is Done Aftermath

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    When Justice is Done Aftermath

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    nvolved officers:
    Detective Sue Miller
    Detective Joe Burke
    Sergeant John Copper

    Robert Savinelli, recently found not guilty of the murder of Biloxi socialite Kara Felt, was found ritually murdered in a VitaCorp warehouse at the east end of Michael Blvd. The fully stripped body is laid out with the hands and feet placed in such a way that the body almost forms a figure-8-- palm to palm and sole to sole. The legs looks like they may have been broken to make them lay flat. The palms pointed north and the feet pointed south. The stomach has been cut open and the intestines coiled like a garden hose in the hollow created by the legs. The head has been severed and set neck down, facing the body, in the hollow created by the arms. The floor is a bloody mess, although there are only a few foot prints.
    • The eyes have been removed and salt crystals coated in beeswax have been placed in the eye sockets.
    * The tongue has been removed and a dead scarab has been placed in the mouth.
    * The body is positioned with the hands pointing north and the feet pointing south.
    * The shoe prints only approach the body from the four cardinal directions.
    * A symbol similar to the position of the body was painted on north and south wall in the victims blood.

    * Dead crows at cardinal point outside the building.
    • A black wool fiber was found on top of the blood pool.
    • Traces of volcanic glass were found in the wounds.
    • Traces of conium (hemlock) in his system.

    VitaCorp guard Jim Taylor was first to find the body. He was found to be in possession of heroin and arrested for it. Because they needed to positively ID the body, they tracked down the only person who had spent much time with Robert Savinelli, his attorney Victor Gillespie.

    Gillespie, found playing gold with Edward Green, IDed the body. Upon investigation of the husband it was found that he was the most likely suspect. Felt had fake passports for him and a woman that looked like his deceased wife, bags packed, and the confirmation number for a plan trip to Italy, but Mr. Felt was nowhere to be found.

    Due to the ritual nature of murder Miller, Burke, and Cooper believed that Felt had snapped and believed ho could somehow bring his wife back from the dead by killing her murderer. After some review of previous case file there was pattern of murderers and attacks of around the time Kara felts murder--which was originally investigated by Lisa Brag, daughter of James Bragg, and Samuel Fauque, both well respected detective who died during the Siege.

    A few weeks before her stabbing death Emily Carver was stabbed to death. Her husband Edward was never found. About a week later Melinda Harver was stabbed, but survived because her neighbor, Fred Simmons, scarred off the attacker with a shot gun. The attacker was described as a man, 5' 10", stalky with a sickly sweet smell. His face was obscured by a ski-mask, but the build did match that of Edward Carver. The round of stabbings stopped with Kara Felt. All stabbing victims were slight built blond women. The original murders were never connected because besides the similar appearances, nothing connected the murders and different detectives had been assigned to each case.

    On the order of detective Burke plain clothes officer Ben Davis kept track of Mrs. Felt tomb on a tip that Mr. Felt dropped flowers off every day. A kid was found dropping off flowers. Kid said a man, matching Felt's description, paid him $50 to drop off the flowers and had $50 more once he returned. Officers swept in and arrested Felt. In the trunk of his car was found a murder kit including hemlock tea, a black robe (matching the fiber found), a onyx knife (matching the traces found in the wounds), a book, and a mask.

    The book detailed a ritual called, "Vengeance of the Slain," by which killing someone murderer could bring them back to life.

    Felt was booked and questioned, but the next morning, after a ridiculously high bail was paid and an ankle bracelet put on him, Felt was subject to house arrest. But he escaped that by cutting of his own foot, cauterizing the wound, and giving the foot to his dog to carry around the house. He tracked down Edward Carver and killed him in a quick and dirty version of the ritual in which he killed Savinelli.

    Robert Savinelli (Deceased) - acquitted of Kara Felt murder.
    Kara Felt (Deceased) - murdered Biloxi socialite.
    Edward Carver (Deceased) - suspected of killing at least two Biloxi women.
    Lisa Brag (Deceased) - detective, daughter of James Brag.
    Samuel Fauque (Deceased) - detective, well respected.
    Nathan Felt (Incarcerated) - soon to be found guilty of the murders of Robert Savinelli and Edward Carver.
    Jim Taylor (incarcerated) - former VitaCorp guard found in possession of adulterated heroin.
    Victor Gillespie - high price attorney at law.
    Edward Green - Biloxi Business under suspicion for sexual misconduct with a minor.
    Ben Davis - quick thinking street cop.

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