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    Come, Mister Tally Man Aftermath

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    Come, Mister Tally Man Aftermath

    Post  admin of doom +3 on Fri Oct 29, 2010 2:31 pm

    A string of body's was turing up. Each marked with a tally mark in numerical order starting with one and up to three. But then it skipped a body and on the fourth day a body marked with five tallies turned up. The lead detective Frank Zalpata was forced to take on help of Detective Sue Miller and Detective Joe Burke with Officer John Copper assisting. Within fifteen minutes of the briefing, by looking at the placement of the bodies and the numbers Sue Miller was able to realize that they were not missing a body with four hash marks, but a second body with one hash mark. The bodies were marked with the Fibonacci sequences and the murders happened along a golden spiral. Copper deduced that all the victims had been married men.

    Upon further investigation they narrowed the there list of suspects down to Melonie Harb. After investigating her home they found she had told her husband she was out of town. Investigating the search history on her computer showed evidence of her plotting the positions of the murders and planning to stay in one of the many hotels of Biloxi during that time. They began to try and search hotels but because of the lateness of the hour they had officers staked out at the next murder sight and also had officers stationed at the bars she was likely to pick up her next victim from. She must have been able to spot the officers because she failed to kill a victim that night. (Though during the stake out Detective Miller was apparently drug and abducted. She was returned to her home apparently unharmed.) The next morning Miller and Copper continued canvasing local hotels and caught Melonie Harb. In her hotel room was a murder kit including a book which detailed a series of ritual murders as a way to escape servitude.
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    Re: Come, Mister Tally Man Aftermath

    Post  John Samuels on Mon Nov 01, 2010 2:55 am

    I must say, clever idea for a serial killer psychosis.

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