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    Joining a case

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    Joining a case

    Post  admin of doom +3 on Sat Nov 14, 2009 9:31 am

    1) PM the storyteller running the case with a blurb about your character. You need to give them a feel for the sort of character you're playing so the ST can decide if you fit in the game, or how they need to alter the game to accommodate. This blurb should also include a brief list of any supernatural powers you have, again so the ST can see if it fits. (There may be some back of forth conversation)

    Here's an example blurb:

    Bob is beat cop with an itchy trigger finger and deep hatred of vampires. He is an Obrimos mage with Prime 3, Forces 2, and Space 1.

    2) If the ST gives you the thumbs up, post in the game thread that you are on the case, listing what function you serve in the BPD: cop, detective, CSI, etc. (Be sure to tick the box that will e-mail you when the thread updates, so the ST has an easy way to let you know possible time and dates of play.)

    3)You will need to be work with the story teller on what ever chat client used for the game.

    A note on joining multiple games: Be careful about signing up for too many games at once. In the beginning things will be slow, but if and when things pick up and there are more players and story tellers, it will be a hassle to find a time to play if the ST's have to work around each others games.

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