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    Detective Alexander 'Alexi' Koraynov


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    Detective Alexander 'Alexi' Koraynov

    Post  Alexi on Mon Oct 26, 2009 11:12 pm

    Alexi is a new arrival to the BPD, a detective transferring in from the NYPD. He's a serious, no-nonsense investigator with severe but impeccable clothing and a hard face that seldom shows much emotion. He looks like he's in his mid forties, though personal questions like "how old are you?" tend to be answered with cold stares.
    Alexi speaks with a Russian accent, and it's clear to anyone who spends much time with him that he is a relatively recent immigrant.
    Although he doesn't socialize much within the department, he can often be found at Mac's after hours or on weekends, reading and slowly enjoying a tumbler of vodka. In that setting, he seems to relax a bit and will even chat if pressed. From such sessions, rumors have sprung up around the department that he used to be with the FSB, the Russian FBI, and probably with the KGB before that. Alexi refuses to comment.

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