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    Case Rating

    Post  admin of doom +3 on Mon Oct 26, 2009 11:01 pm

    When posting cases they should be rated in two ways to help players to decide if they want to participate in the case: one for how graphic it will be and one for where the games focus will be (mental, physical, social).

    How graphic a game will be is going to be listed like the MPAA ratings and will be as follows.

    G = Thefts
    PG = Assaults
    PG 13 = Murders
    R = Sexual Assault

    Anything involving kids gets bumped up a rating.

    MPS (Mental, Physical, Social) dots: The adventure as a whole is given a rating based on how challenging it is in three categories: Mental (puzzles, mysteries, research), Physical (combat, endurance), and Social (interacting with/swaying others). Also, each scene is rated with its own MPS scale. While the adventure as a whole might be rated M2, P3, S1, it’s possible for one or two scenes to be rated S2 or S3, if one of the ways they can be “solved” is through a particularly challenging Social feat.
    Each MPS rating uses the familiar range of 0 to 5 dots, according to
    the following scale:

    o No challenge (Involves no real risk, but may dramatic)
    • Minor challenge (Slight chance of lost Willpower or Blood)
    •• Lesser Challenge (Low risk or mild consequences)
    ••• Challenging (Even chances, moderate consequences)
    •••• Major (Real risk or serious consequences for failure)
    ••••• Extreme (Serious peril with lasting or lethal consequences)

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