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    Post  ThatGuy on Sat Mar 05, 2011 7:47 pm

    The following is the official statement regarding the events on Tuesday, March 1, 2011:
    "An anarchist syndicate known as Chaos, Inc. laid siege to Biloxi Regional Medical Center. Thanks to the excellent evacuation policies and the outstanding performances by the civil servants of Biloxi we managed to evacuate most of the hospital personnel and patients with great alacrity. Four bombs were found and disarmed by our highly trained bomb squad. Several suspects have been arrested and we have identified two willing participants, Mark Jacobson and Penelope Willet. We are searching for any and all leads that might bring us closer to discovering the full extent of this unnerving conspiracy to commit domestic terrorism. For now, we must mourn the lives lost in this attack and focus on preventing such incidents from ever happening again."

    There is a great deal of talk around the station about the "suspects" that are in custody. Most of them seemed to have been drugged at the time of the incident and have little memory of the event. Mark Jacobson has been admitted to a psychiatric facility after attempting suicide in custody, there are rumors floating saying that Officer McCarthy was shaken by something Jacobson said to him. Penelope Willet, who was a nurse at BRMC, hasn't stopped weeping since she was brought into custody after gouging a patients eyes out during the conflict. People in the hospital reported that she was carrying a suspicious package into the hospital (cameras confirm this)on Monday afternoon.

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