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    Standard Equipment


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    Standard Equipment

    Post  Moderatrix on Mon Oct 26, 2009 10:18 pm

    First and foremost, if you don't have rulebooks or if you want help outfitting your character, feel free to message a moderator.

    As a police officer you are somewhat restricted in the types of weapons you can carry, especially on the job. Even if you were on the ERU (SWAT) you will never be wielding crossbows or rocket launchers. And you will never be duel wielding Desert Eagles or playing Dirty Harry with a .44 Magnum. Even if you have great plans to be a vampire hunter, carrying stakes in your car can get you laughed at, fired, or both. Loading your gun with siliver bullets will defiantly be cause for an IAB investigation and a full psychological evaluation. The department has a gun locker from which you can choose. Each officer is given a department issue Glock 22 as their primary sidearm.

    Type: Glock 22
    Dam: +2L (9again)
    Capacity: 15+1
    Str Req: 2
    Ranges: 20/40/80
    Size: 1/s

    Officers of the BPD are given a bit more leeway with back up sidearms. The choices are broad: nothing over .40 or below .22, no magnum, nothing over 2 dots in cost, and nothing out of the ordinary--such as something with special ammunition or guns equipped for silencers. Also the gun must be small enough to be easily concealed, so under size 1.

    Street officers (cops) also carry tasers and pepper spray.

    Type Dam Ranges Capacity Str Size
    Taser special 2/5/10 1 2 1/L
    Successes = penalties to target's next roll. If successes = target's size, even over consecutive turns, targets is unconscious for turns equal to the successes.

    Pepper Spray
    Size 0
    A Dexterity + Athletics at a-1 penalty to hit a target at a maximum range of one yard. Any attacks made over one yard automatically fail. Target's defense applies. Target gets -5 to all actions.

    Under the dash of many of the police cruisers is secured a shotgun used in high intensity situations (though not so high intensity as need to draw out the ERU.)

    Type: Remington Model 870
    Damage: +4L (9again)
    Capacity: 8+1
    Ranges: 20/40/80
    Str Req: 3
    Size: 3

    Now be warned, all your guns are registered and test fired. So you have to be very careful what you shoot service rounds into.

    Your choices for melee weapons are far more limited. A cop cannot be seen drawing a knife, and certainly can't have a katana in the police car next to him "just in case." An officer can carry utility knives (under three inches), but ever trying to use it as a weapon, even in the most extreme circumstances, would be a career-limiting move. Police have a limited choice of baton type weapons.

    Type: Telescopic Baton
    Damage: +3B
    Durability: 3
    Size: 2/J (Collapses 1/s)

    Type: Tonfa (Nightstick)
    Damage: +2(B)
    Size: 2/J
    Str: 2
    Special: +1 Defense

    Each detective and cop has access to bullet proof vests. It is required while on high risk assignments, such as drug bust, but it is not frowned upon to use while on duty.

    Bulletproof Vest
    Rating 2/3, Strength 1, Initiative –1, Speed 0,

    As for vehicles:

    Police Interceptor: Durability 3, Size 12, Structure 15, Acceleration 26, Safe Speed 110 (75 mph), Maximum Speed 235 (160 mph), Handling 4,

    These cars may or may not be marked depending on what detail the officer is with.

    ERU officers are typically given an H&K MP5 submachine gun. Snipers (usually one or two per squad) receive a Remington Model 700 rifle. Depending on the callout, a point officer may be assigned a Remington 4 shotgun. Comparable models may be substituted, within reason. Tear gas and flashbang grenades are issued, and one or two squad members will have tactical launchers for them.

    Other Gear:

    Full Nomex undersuit; bulletproof body armor for torso, thighs and upper arms; ballistic helmet with visor; encrypted radio. (Riot Gear)

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    Re: Standard Equipment

    Post  WoDerator on Mon Nov 08, 2010 11:42 pm

    Armor now functions along the following lines:

    There is no further "defense penalty." Modern Armor is now penalizing initiative based on how heavy it is.

    Thick/Reinforced Clothing: 1/0 armor, no initiative change
    Kevlar vest: 1/2 armor, no initiative change
    Flak Jacket (Standard issue): 2/3 armor, -1 initiative
    Riot Armor: 3/4 armor, -2 initiative, -1 speed, strength req: 2
    Bomb Suit: 3/6 armor (temp), -3 initiative, -3 speed, strength req: 3

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