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    Supernatural Advantage XP


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    Supernatural Advantage XP

    Post  WoDerator on Mon Jan 17, 2011 11:30 pm

    In the interest of leveling the playing field a bit, we're instituting a new rule. Unimaginatively dubbed the "Supernatural Advantage XP", this replaces Arcane XP, Krewe XP, and Renown XP. It is available to any supernatural PC with a "power stat", and represents significant learning of the "truth" of supernatural existence.

    To qualify, you must submit instances where your PC learned a supernatural truth, from your PC's learning perspective, to WoDerator, via his email Woderator.awesome@gmail.com. He will then award the XP and record it. Grandfathering in of previous facts is possible. If you take the time to do this, please try to separate events by the case in which they transpired or list them as downtime.

    If you have already purchased a supernatural advantage with normal XP, refunds can be negotiated.

    Thematically, the XP is represented thusly:
    --Arcane XP: As a mage learns more about the supernatural, his understanding of the Supernal realm is enhanced. He may spend Arcane XP on Gnosis and Attainments (As they are aspects of Gnosis), but the ability to spend it on Arcana is stripped.

    --Vital XP: As a vampire learns more about the supernatural, the weight of the ages and potency of the blood thickens, preparing her for the immortal existence she lives. A vampire may spend Vital XP on Blood Potency. (This replaces the "automatic increase every 50 years.")

    --Primal/Feral XP: As a werewolf or changing breed interacts with the supernatural world, they begin to understand their place in the balance. Their nature enhances, and they may spend Primal/Feral XP on Primal Urge or Feral Heart respectively. (This replaces our custom Renown XP system.)

    --Arcadian XP: As a Changeling learns more about the supernatural world, they see the raw power of the Wyrd manifest on Earth. Their understanding of this force grows, and they may spend this XP on Wyrd.

    --Avernian XP: As a Sin-Eater learns about the supernaturals that exist in the Quick, their understanding of the deathly energies that permeate the material realm from the Underworld grows. Their bond with their Geist strengthens, and they may spend this XP on Psyche. (This replaces krewe XP, previous krewe XP is a TBD.)

    Hunters retain their potent Practical XP. A hunter may petition, in the future, for significant truths to be extra practical XP as a result of downtime. For future practical awards, significant truths will be stacked on "learning new powers/learning about the supernatural", which are two categories for Practical XP, if the Hunter laws down a list in PM.

    Also, some ground rules:
    1) You may not have a "swap party." To this point, significant supernatural facts have been revealed in guarded conversation, observation, or accident. Typically this has been during a case. The Mods will not reward attempts to have a sit-down lecture on a supernatural type or PC and let the acquisition grow.

    2) You cannot learn significant truths about the basics of your supernatural type unless you were altered to that type in game (such as a mortal PC being Embraced as a Vampire). Even then, it will be monitored closely. Mundane and basic powers, traditions, groups, and factions are all known. Rarer expressions (the coils of the Dragon, the mysteries of the Mysterium, the truth of the Brood, the nature of Bale Hounds, a specific bloodline/rare lodge, etc.) may be allowed.

    3) These are not automatic. As stated, it is your PC's perspective on events sent to the Mod. False information is not a "negative XP", it is simply a lie your PC has to overcome (Such has how that vampire buddy told you to keep a cross for protection.)

    4) The Mod also would like notifications of your spending the XP. There may be times when a player would like to not, and assumptions of totals needs to be known.

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