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    Hunger Knows No Friend Aftermath

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    Hunger Knows No Friend Aftermath

    Post  admin of doom +3 on Thu Jan 13, 2011 11:50 pm

    Incident: Homicide

    Incident Date: 1/11/11

    Incident Time: 1830 hours

    Officers on Scene: PM Qi Wokung, PM John Samuels
    Detectives on Scene: Det. Lillian Ayer
    Tech on Scene: May Grimm

    Susanna Murray was found dead and literally butchered in her apartment by her probation officer Nelson Bartowski. Susanna had been on informal house arrest (no ankle braclet) after a felony DUI conviction. She was placed in her own fridge. The MO mathed that of suspected serial killer Matthew Ronning, who in 08 and 09 killed, butchered, and ate 20 African-American women.

    Officers questioned Ronning about his crimes in an attempt to gain insight into a very likely copy cat murder, but didn’t receive any great insights.

    No hard evidence were found at the scene, and the copy cat killer is believed to be still at large.

    Side Note: Not long after the visit from the involved BPD employees Ronning was found near death in his solitary cell. After he died an autopsy revealed he had been strangled, beaten, and then fatally shot in the chest. IA has lunched an investigation into the very suspicious death of an inmate on the eve of his trial.

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