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    May, or ‘Mayday’ as she’s better known among the tech squad, transferred into the department several months ago to work as a cyber crime technician. She works the graveyard shift, never being seen around the department after dawn, and from all reports likes it that way, styling herself as a ‘natural born night owl.’ She stands at 5’7” with long red hair, blue eyes, with a faint smattering of freckles that she has long since learned how to hide behind a well applied foundation. While undeniably attractive (striking looks four), it can’t be denied that she looks much younger than her 26 years, and, except for the uniform, could easily be confused for a teenager. She puts what she joking calls ‘her curse’ to use, though, acting as occasional bait in pedophile stings after luring the perps out over online conversations. She seems to take chats and texting to be a serious part of her job description in general, in fact, and can rarely be seen without her laptop or iphone in hand.

    Even after only a few months, May’s managed to make quite the impression on her own department, and is well known for having a quick joke or sarcastic comment. The male members of the unit are especially aware of her joking flirtation, though she’s made it no secret around the department that she lives with her old high school boyfriend, Peter Wilder. Whether this boyfriend is strictly approved of by those who’ve met him is another matter entirely. May’s relationship, according to the gossip chain, is hot and cold with the man at best, with the whole thing often being broken off and then picked right back up again a few weeks later. While there’s some talk that she’s only with him for his money, there are other rumors of May having some form of an eating disorder due to the tremulous nature of their relationship, with several women around the office willing to vouch for having heard her vomiting in the bathroom shortly after an office party or late group dinner.

    Whatever her personal problems, though, there’s no denying that May is among the best in the department at what she does. No system can remain uncracked, no code unbroken, or even, on the increasingly less rare occasion that she ventures away from the computer desk, witness feel any unease when Mayday is on the job. She’s not a traditional hardened cop, and holds little to no aspiration of ever being anything but a tech, but she’ll be the first to stand up in defense of her own position on the crime solving team. There can’t be all chiefs and no Indians, after all, and May is more than happy to play Watson to whatever detectives may come to call. So long as that particular Holmes can put up with her running commentary, that is.

    May is as far from a loner as a girl can get, but whether thanks to a jealous boyfriend or her own personal preference, she tends not to spend much time socializing with other cops. Despite this lack of time spent with the department off the clock, however, any cop she comes up to for a favor can swear they know her well enough to vouch for her and get the job done. Whether she’s worked for their partner before, or did a favor for their chief they just remembered, May always seems to be just one step removed from anyone she wants to talk to.

    Note: May is a vampire. Anyone with death sight or whatever else that can be used to detect that is free to. She does not appear as strange on any surveillance equipment in the department, however.

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