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    Post  WoDerator on Sat Dec 18, 2010 9:29 pm

    Officer John Samuels responded to "officer down" on the evening of Dec 10th. He found Officer Neil Pitt, in shock and Officer Sam Whittington dead of gunshot wounds and the removal of his heart and liver.

    Detective Insaf Mohammad arrived on the scene and realized this was the second of three cops who defended the First Bank of Biloxi against armed thieves last week. He quickly radioed in looking for the location of Hilary Casazza, the third officer involved.

    Requesting backup, Officer Dante Jones helped them in guarding her apartment in case it was a revenge scenario. The next evening, the apparent murderer attacked Casazza's apartment and Officers Jones and Samuels and Det. Mohammad defended against a hail of gunfire.

    No one was severely injured (Officer Samuels now has a reputation for semi-invincibility or radical luck around the station). The suspect was not apprehended.

    Officer Casazza has taken a leave of absence.

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