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    Thicker Than Water Aftermath

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    Thicker Than Water Aftermath

    Post  admin of doom +3 on Sun Nov 21, 2010 7:43 pm

    Involved Officers:
    Officer John Samuels
    Detective Lillian Ayer

    Officer John Samuels reported to the scene of a body found near Boomtown Casino, later identified through finger prints as Lorrie Kamel 16. She was stripped and her throat had been slit. Samuels called in for homicide. Detective Lillian Ayer arrived. Ayer and Samuels went to the home of Kamel's foster parents, Erik & Jessie Altom. After interviewing the foster parents it was ascertained that Kamel had been missing for five days without being reported missing. The foster parents were arrested on several charges including possession of dangerous drugs and child endangerment but no significant information was attained. With the help of Katrina Renken, social worker who had worked with Kamel, the other children were removed from their care.

    A rope was recovered near the possible dump sight of the body. Analysis of the rope led detectives to a local sex shop specializing in bondage. A list of customers was obtained.

    An autopsy reveal that the victim the slit throat was the fatal wound and all blood had been drained from the body. Ketamine was found in her system.
    After pursuing several leads the two learned of a second missing girl, Annabelle Kulp 15, from her high school teacher, Roger Eklund. Lillian felt the teachers relationship with his student was suspect. She pursued her hunch about Roger Eklund's "relationship" with his student. He was arrested possession of soliciting child pornography, statutory rape, and child endangerment. Kulp was also found to be a foster child with Renken as her social worker.

    Given that a second young girl was missing an Amber alert was issued. A witness stepped forward and sat down with a forensic artist and produced a picture that resembled Renken. In a line up the witness IDed Renken. Renken was brought in. Her alibis for the times of the disappearances and time of death were insubstantial but upon review of Renken's journal Ayer attempted to make contact with her mother, Serena Durrell. After contact failed officers did some digging. Turned out there was a striking resemblance between mother and child, and Durrell had four husbands, at least two of which died under suspicious circumstances. After obtaining a warrant officers searched the residences and found the murder room with two dead girls and a third girl alive, but unconscious in a cage.

    Renken was in police custody at the time of death for the two dead girls. Renken was released and an APB was issued for her mother.

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