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    Acquiring Magical Items and their XP Cost


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    Acquiring Magical Items and their XP Cost

    Post  WoDerator on Wed Nov 10, 2010 9:59 pm

    For the acquisition of magical items, the Moderator staff is both encouraging mechanics to make them (specific Arcana, Fetish rites, Hedgespinning, specific Ceremonies, etc.) on PCs but also willing to craft NPCs that are designed to make these sorts of items. PCs of specific subtypes would be required to make deals, etc, for these items (like a Fetish maker up in Uratha territory that a Forsaken PC could barter with).

    Other items that must be found (or cannot be made, specifically) require short stories for justification written to the Mod in charge of that game genre.

    Also, as a note, magical items are considered SIMPLE merits, meaning that, as an example, a 3 dot magical items costs 6 xp and a 4 do costs 8 xp, etc.

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