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    Creation of Magical Items (Mage)


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    Creation of Magical Items (Mage)

    Post  WoDerator on Mon Nov 08, 2010 11:30 pm

    The Mods have discussed the creation of magical items. Most venues have pretty straight forward creation rules. Awakening, however, is a complex organism of rules and optional rules, spanning several books, so we decided to simplify.

    When a Mage uses Matter magic to create an Enhanced Item or Prime magic to create an Imbued item (or both to create a combined), the dots of the item's effects are tallied up as normal.

    The Mage, in lieu of spending a permanent willpower, is then stripped of access to a willpower point until the end of their next case, or 30 days (A solid month), whichever comes first.

    The item's XP cost is then paid for by whoever takes ownership of the item, be it the mage or one of his coworkers.

    For example: Joe the Mage makes a super gun for himself and the mods approve it on Oct 11th. He sets out casting his spells, and makes it permanent and releases it. Until the end of the next case (or Nov 11th), he loses access to one of his 5 willpower points. He spends the xp for the 8xp for the 4 dot item.

    Example 2: Same deal, save its for Jill the coworker. He gives her the gun on Oct 12th and she spends the 8 xp for the 4 dot item. He, of course, still has to wait for a case to end or Nov 11th to get access to his 5th dot of willpower.

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