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    Supernatural Aura Reading


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    Supernatural Aura Reading

    Post  WoDerator on Mon Nov 01, 2010 5:36 pm

    Some of the later books are a bit lax on identifying aura signifiers, so I thought I'd take a moment to highlight the main aura types and how to see them. Its important to note that you don't know what you're seeing all the time, it requires experience and identification.

    There are only a few powers that allow the perception of auras:
    --Auspex 2, available to Vampires
    --Mind 1+Prime 1, available to Mages (mind 1 for aura, prime 1 for supernatural indicators)
    --Sensorium 2, available to Prometheans
    --Aura Reading merit, available to psychics (5 dot required against supernaturals)
    --See Auras merit, available to some Thaumaturges
    --Devil's Eye Thaumatech Endowment, available to Cheiron Group hunters

    There may be others, but I don't think so. Lost and Forsaken notoriously have no aura perception abilities, and I don't believe Sin Eaters do either (though they have so many powers, who knows). This is not to be confused with supernatural detection powers, like Spellbound Autumn 1 (Lost) or True Sight of St. Abel (Hunter).

    Aura Signifiers are as follows:
    --Vampire: pale colors
    --Changing Breeds/Werewolves: bright, rapidly shifting colors
    --Magi: normal aura with a multitude of sparkling colors
    --Prometheans/Pandorans: fiery auras
    --Lost: normal aura's bound in red bands (oaths), Masque can also be broken with Aura Perception, mage sight, or certain supernaturally heightened perceptions (see Autumn Nightmares)
    --SinEaters: a pale, shadowy double, like looking at the person cross eyed
    --Ghoul: muted colors
    --Thaumaturge: normal aura with a small amount of sparkling colors, if spells active
    --Skinchanger in animal form: normal human
    --Supernatural in animal form/possessing animal or human: as normal for that supernatural
    --Soul/vitriol eater: blank veins

    There are also some rare examples of an altered aura due to special flaw, the notable (and only that I can currently think of) example being the Bohagande bloodline from Vampire, whose aura is a swirling black hole that sucks in aura's around it.

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