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    Character Creation Rules

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    Character Creation Rules

    Post  admin of doom +3 on Sat Oct 17, 2009 11:45 pm

    --Characters are created using the World of Darkness rule books. If you need help, send a message to a Moderator (members with gray names that don't sound like character names) for help.

    --Starting dots plus 170xp for creation.

    --All templates are allowed with the except for Prometheans. (Sorry they just don't work in a stationary game.)

    --All players receive Sworn Officer ** and Status (Police) * for free, to reflect your position in the Department. You also gain one free dot of Resources per dot of Status (Police) you buy, to reflect your increased income with your promotion (Yes, that includes one free dot to go with with your free Status dot). One dot in status indicates standard officer, two indicates detective or ranking street officer. Three dots is the cap for Police Status, indicating a senior detective.

    --Merits are bought using the "Simple Merits Costs." Scaled merits (1 to 5 dots, 2 to 4 dots) still are purchased the same way = 2 xp/dot. So a five dot merit costs 30. Static merits (2 dots, 3 or 5 dots) So a five dot merit costs 10. It's our gift to you.

    --Consult the benchmarks in Precinct 13 for an idea of standard requirements for officers and detectives. Aim to cover most of those bases, but don't worry about meeting every detail. They are desperate for warm bodies, after all.

    --Alternatively, you may choose to play support staff of some kind. Lab techs, administrative assistants... there are any number of people who get things done at Police HQ. Just bear in mind that many adventures will be case-driven, so support characters might not have as much to do. Though if your more interested in downtime role playing, this might be the character choice for you.

    --Consider "The Thin Blue Line" when making your character. The characters are all cops (or working with cops.) A supernatural coming to the city for political gain would not be a cop. They don't have too much political power. So even if the mages and the vampires are at each others throats, when your in uniform you have to work together. If you don't you get fired. And while your character could very well live on, since most of the game is case driven, you won't be playing.

    --Characters should be from somewhere out of town, at least before the siege. The players should be able to share not just being a cop, but the stigma of being "the new guy." Also they are unfamiliar with the politics of the area.

    --Have fun with the character!

    Once your character is done put info into this Google Doc spread sheet and save your own copy: bit.ly fXTdRT Hunters use this sheet: bit.ly f8ytJ0

    Set the share settings to anyone with the link. Send the link to a moderator along with a back story so we can approve the character. Only mods and storytellers will have access to the link.

    Character approval is used to ensure game balance and weed out issues that could cause break downs in the future.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here.

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    Re: Character Creation Rules

    Post  WoDerator on Mon Oct 25, 2010 9:28 pm

    Simple merit clarification:

    Merits that are static are not graduated. Gunslinger, for instance, is a flat 3 dots, and is therefore 6 xp.

    Merits that have an "or" within their description (Exa. Fast Reflexes or Striking looks) are also considered static merits, as its flat for one and flat for the upgrade.

    So Fast REflexes 1 is 2 xp. To upgrade to FR 2 is 4 xp total (so 2 more). Same with Striking Looks 2 and 4 (4 xp and 4 more xp for a total of 8 xp).

    Questions on whether a merit counts or not can't be sent to me and I'll clarify, as this is my baby adapted from the MET system, which is in many ways an errata.

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